Summer can be great, with its warmer weather and extended daylight, but it also means you'll likely spend more time driving around in your car as you commute from place to place. If you can't avoid being in your car throughout the hot summer months, it's important to get car service in Melbourne especially taking extra care of your AC unit in order to prevent potentially expensive repairs down the road. 

Here are some of the most common car AC problems and how to fix them, so you don't have to deal with any unwelcome surprises during the hottest part of the year.

The Air Conditioner Is Slow to Work

In some cases, your air conditioner may just need a reset, or the filters may need to be changed. Other times, it's possible that an electronic component is malfunctioning or has been damaged by excess moisture from outside. 

Many of these problems can be solved by using car service in Melbourne and care. The company provides thorough diagnostics services for any AC problem a customer may have - whether it's time for a new compressor or more extreme needs, such as replacing a cooling fan motor (the most common AC problem). 

If you notice slow air coming out of your vents, either have your car checked immediately or change your AC filter at the first chance you get - both can cause it to work too hard.

The Air Conditioner Freezes When Turned On

As much as you would love to get out of the heat, your car air conditioner could be conspiring against you. If the air conditioner freezes when turned on, it's probably because the cabin filter is dirty or clogged with dirt. 

Check under the hood and find out if it's possible for you to clean it yourself or take it into a car service centre to have it done for you.

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Condensation Forms on Windows

If you're seeing water, ice, or frost forming on your windows during the cold months, you might have a problem with condensation. This is more likely to happen if the car is parked in the sun for an extended period of time. 

There are a few ways that you can fix this without having to visit your local car service centre for assistance. Just open your windows about an inch for 10 minutes after turning off the engine. Condensation will form outside of the car rather than inside!

The Air Conditioner Vents Are Failing

Air conditioners use the air vents in your car's interior to cool down the air. However, if those vents start failing, they can leave you feeling hot and sweaty. This is a relatively common problem that can be fixed with some DIY effort. The problem may be as simple as gunk or dust blocking the vent's intake, or there may be something more complex going on, like clogged condensers that need professional cleaning. 

A repairman should be able to find out what's wrong without much hassle when they come out for an inspection. If you're adventurous enough, there are a few things you can try yourself before deciding to shell out money for a car service in Melbourne company.


Your car's air conditioning is one of the features you look forward to the most on a hot day. It can make all the difference between feeling miserable in your car or just needing to roll down your windows when the temperature gets a little too high. Even if you take care of your vehicle and regularly service it with oil changes, tune-ups, filters, belts, brakes, etc., all parts eventually wear out.

Source From - 5 Most Common Car AC Problems and How to Fix Them