Escape rooms have recently grown popular in Melbourne. They don’t entail being trapped in a room for hours and end up watching endless episodes. Instead, you and a group of people enter a room and attempt to escape in a set amount of time (60mins) by completing a sequel of riddles that can be multi-sensory, linguistic, spatial, mathematical, or even demand lateral thinking. But if the time gets over before your tackle the problems you can continue but with less respect. 

Many of the puzzle rooms in Melbourne are challenging and best suited to families or adult groups with older children. 

So, are you looking for something little different and entertaining to do for your next get-together and want to go to one of the best Escape rooms in Melbourne? Then have a look at some of the best Escape rooms in Melbourne.

  • Escape hunt Melbourne

Place- Queen Street, Melbourne CBD

Minors under the age of seven are not permitted anywhere on the premises, and children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult in the playing rooms.

Adventures- Law & Disorder, Secrets of the Brewery. 

Rates- $144.

Best Escape Room Melbourne

  • Rush Escape Game

You’ll be putting your wits to the test as you manage your team and execute time-based challenges to escape the room at Rust Escape Game. There is something for everyone with six different themes that are different from one another. 

              Place- 160, Toorak Road, South Yarra

  • The Mystery rooms

You can’t go wrong with The Mystery rooms Melbourne, which has been voted best escape rooms in Melbourne. This Melbourne escape room is a must-try because of the incredible narratives. 

Place- 303 Napier Street, Fitzroy VIC

Adventure- The Medieval quest, The lost tomb

  • Adventure Rooms

Place- Little Collins Street, Central Melbourne

Although the games are not physically demanding and do not certain any aspects of terror, the challenges are perfect for players aged 16 and over, nevertheless, children aged 12 to 15 are welcome with an accompanying adult. 

Adventures- Gaol Break and The Black Queen

Rates- depending on the size of the group 

  • Escape Room Australia

Place- Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD

There is no minimum age restriction for family friendliness. Challengers under the age of 16 should bring an adult guardian with them, as most of the puzzles have shown to be superior to adults time and time again. 

Adventures- The Slaughter House, Prison Break

Rates- For 4 people team is $153

  • EscapeXperience

EscapeXperience is one of Melbourne’s top escape rooms, with three elaborately planned and meticulously built escape chambers. Grab your family or coworkers and head to EscapeXperience for a thrilling adventure. 

Place- level 1/38-40 Eaton Mall, Oakleigh VIC

  • Lost Australia Station

Lost Australia station’s tech-heavy and story-driven rooms will make you doubt reality. The level built by gaming developers, striving for a more realistic experience, makes this one of Melbourne’s greatest escape rooms. 

Place- University of Melbourne

Advice- If you regularly read with spectacles, make sure you remember to bring them with you! You won’t be able to escape by depending on hazy clues.

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Source: 7 Best Escape Rooms in Melbourne