Family Mediation Melbourne is a way for families to resolve their differences and problems without going to court. It's a confidential discussion between family members and the mediator. The mediator helps the parties negotiate fairly, but the final decision about what will happen next is up to them.

Family mediation is a confidential discussion 

Family Mediation Melbourne is a confidential discussion. The mediator is a neutral third party who does not take sides but instead helps the participants find solutions that work for everyone involved.

Mediation is a way to resolve conflicts without going to court. It’s a confidential discussion between two or more people who are in conflict, facilitated by a trained mediator.

Mediation can be used for problems 

Mediation can be used for problems like:

  • Child custody and visitation, including shared parenting agreements
  • Divorce or separation, including property division and spousal support (alimony)
  • Adoption and other post-birth issues, including paternity testing and parental rights termination

These are just a few examples. There are many more situations where family mediation can help bring about a resolution that best suits your situation.

The mediator helps the parties negotiate fairly.

The mediation process is designed to help the parties negotiate a solution that is fair and mutually acceptable. The mediator does not take sides but rather works with the parties to identify their own interests, goals, and needs. The mediator also provides information about the law and how it applies in this situation.

The mediator will assist each party in identifying:

  • Their own interests;
  • Their own goals;
  • What they would be willing to give up in order to reach an agreement with another party.

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Mediation is much less expensive than going to court.

Mediation is much less expensive than going to court.

The cost of mediation is typically much less than the cost of litigation, which involves lawyers and the courts. This cost can be very high because you have to pay your lawyer, as well as any filing fees and other expenses that may arise during the process.

The cost of mediation is also typically much less than hiring a lawyer because you don’t have to pay for all those extra expenses that would normally apply if you were taking your case through legal channels, including filing fees and court costs.

Mediation is also generally cheaper than hiring a mediator on your own because they charge by the hour or day, whereas many lawyers bill by the hour (and often more than one person).

Mediation can resolve family conflicts without going to court

Family mediation is a process where the parties involved in a dispute work with a mediator who helps them communicate their needs and interests. The goal of family mediation is to remove the emotionality so that you can address problems more calmly and rationally.

Mediation also allows you to avoid going to court if you can solve your issues without taking legal action against each other. Because mediation is confidential, it is often less expensive than litigation as well—a huge benefit if you are planning on having children in the future!


If you and your family are facing a conflict, Family Mediation Melbourne may be the best way to resolve it. It’s a process that involves everyone in the family and helps everyone come together to resolve their problems. While many people think of mediation as an alternative to court, it can actually be used for any type of situation. Whether you need help with finances, child custody or other issues that affect your family relations - mediation can help!

Source: Safe Family Mediation Can Help You Solve Family Problems