With the summer season in full swing, you'll want to make sure your garden is ready for everyone that comes to visit. The warm weather brings a lot of people out to the garden, but with all the different types of plants and flowers, it can be difficult to find creative ways to set the whole thing off. Check out these ten creative Decking Perth good ideas for your garden!

  • Using recycled materials

The decking project doesn't need to be complicated. You can create a simple and small decking area in your garden with plenty of recycled materials. The cost of building a deck is typically lower than that of buying a new one, and the finished product will last you for many years. Recycled materials are not just for the floor; they can also make an attractive patio.

  • Coping with seasonal changes

One of the biggest challenges when Decking Perth-wide a garden is finding ways to manage seasonal changes. You'll want your garden to look beautiful no matter what the season, so be creative with your MDF wood. For example, use wood to create a covered deck that looks like a greenhouse during winter and an outdoor al-fresco area in the summertime.

  • Create a walkway

Decking often becomes a problem because of its ability to turn into a muddy mess. To avoid this issue, design your deck so it's built with drainage in mind. Consider creating an elevated walkway that leads the way towards the gutter or down to the ground.

Decking Perth

  • Create a living wall

There are many ways to create a living wall for your garden. You can plant ivy or a groundcover over an existing brick or stone wall. Ivy is easy to grow, drought-resistant, and will get your garden growing faster.

  • Build your deck on stilts

Decking is a popular way to enjoy the outdoors and make a statement in your yard. One of the best ways to make your structure stand out is to build it on stilts. This will give you more room for work or play and also create a little bit of privacy from the neighbors' view.

  • Build an outdoor kitchen

Decking is just one of the many ways you can add a modern twist to your outdoor space. If you like cooking and entertaining outdoors, then building an outdoor kitchen with a grill, sink, and refrigerator is a great idea. You can also build benches and tables that are viewable from the deck so that people can admire your hard work.

  • Build an outdoor fireplace

Decking your backyard with different colors and textures is a great way to add a splash of life to the area. To add some additional interest, you can use different materials for your deck. Wood is a classic material for decks, but slate and concrete are less expensive options that look great as well. Perhaps adding an outdoor fireplace will be the finishing touch to your unique design.

  • Build a treehouse

Decking ideas can be found in any garden, but some of these decking plans are unique and stand out. One of the most creative ideas is building a treehouse. This is not only an idea that is fun to build, but it also has many benefits. For example, children have more fun playing in a treehouse rather than on a swing set or playground. With this being said, consider building your own treehouse for your children as well as everyone else who lives with you!

  • Make a sculptural garden

Decking a garden is a great way to cover up the unsightly space. You can make it as big as you want or keep it small. Most importantly, have fun with your deck and use the space in your garden to create an inviting and collaborative space.

  • Make use of vertical space to grow plants

Decking is an area in your yard that gets overlooked when planting flowers. You can deck your garden with different plants and create a beautiful contrast between the natural and artificial. Try growing plants that would otherwise struggle to grow in other parts of the yard, such as lavender, or add in climbing plants like clematis. Another creative idea is to construct a trellis made from wood and metal threaded through PVC piping to support flowering vines like wisteria or jasmine.

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Source: Unlock 10 Creative Decking Ideas For Your Garden!