For some businesses, Invoice Debtor Finance is the ideal solution for accessing a reliable source of cash. It provides flexibility and allows you to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about how you're going to pay for it.

Whether you're just starting out or have been around for years, debtor finance can be a useful tool in your financial arsenal.

Single Invoice Finance/Selective Factoring

When you choose to use single Debtor Factoring, a company buys your invoices and pays you instantly. This type of finance helps businesses increase cash flow by making it possible to pay their suppliers sooner than they normally would have.

Benefits of this type of financing:

  • You get paid straight away
  • No need for collateral or other security (e.g., if the supplier were to go bust)
  • Quick decision-making process

Invoice Discount

Is Debtor Finance Applicable to My Business?

Invoice Debtor Finance is an excellent option if you are considering a solution to help your growing business access the cash it needs when it needs it.

Debtor Finance can be used by small and medium-sized businesses that need capital infusions for working capital or expansion. The availability of this type of financing has increased significantly since many financial institutions began offering this type of lending through their private banking divisions.

Confidential Factoring

Confidential factoring is a type of Invoice Debtor Finance that gives your business immediate access to its funds. With confidential factoring, you can get paid immediately for outstanding invoices by selling them at a discount.

This option provides an alternative to waiting for payment or selling on the open market, which can be problematic due to increased competition and lower margins.

Here's how it works: the factor purchases your invoices at a discount so they can recoup some or all of their investment before they pay out to their clients.

In exchange, they keep some portion of the proceeds—typically 80%—and remit 20% on your behalf.

In this way, confidential factoring helps accelerate cash flow without negatively impacting creditworthiness or taking up too much time away from running your company (since it doesn't require setting up new accounts).

Always Read the Fine Print

The best way to avoid problems is to read the fine print. Before signing up for any debtor finance solution, make sure you understand how it works and how it will affect your business.

One of the most important things to check when comparing debt-to-cash solutions is whether the person or company offering them is licensed by ASIC (the Australian Securities & Investments Commission).

This will ensure that they are operating within Australian law and are able to provide reliable advice on all aspects of financing.


Debtor Finance is a smart, flexible way to get cash flow. It can be the perfect solution for businesses in need of working capital or those that need a loan but don’t want to deal with traditional lenders.

Debtor Finance allows you to access funds quickly and easily, without having to go through all of the loan requirements that come with traditional loans.

But remember: it’s not all sunshine and roses! There are certain risks involved with using this type of financing method so make sure you know what those are before making any decisions about whether or not this is right for your business.

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